Our President

Derrick Bailey, president and chief executive officer of EZRA Technologies, Inc., founded the company in 2000. EZRA Tech provides clients with a full-range of Information Technology security services. Mr. Bailey oversees EZRA Tech's operations, business management, and strategy development. He has over 15 years of general Information Technology experience in network operations management and security; network design, engineering, system migration, and deployment. Mr. Bailey holds a bachelor of science degree in Computer Science and a master of science degree in Network Security.


Carson Solutions
It is my pleasure that I write this letter on the behalf of EZRA Technologies. EZRA Technologies has provided well-trained and experienced Network Security Engineers to the Carson Solutions Team. EZRA Technologies secured the customer’s network infrastructure from every angle to safeguard their critical information. EZRA Technologies also secured the customers confidential data, as well as protect the reputation and integrity of the agency.